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Great Adult and Kids workouts. I highly recommend to anyone!!


Did a drop in while in the area for work. Super nice coaches and members. Clean gym and lots of nice equipment. Thanks for having me CF Harrisburg


Crossfit Harrisburg is more then just a gym it’s a community. A place where you can start or restart your athletic/health track, with friends and coaches that keep you accountable every step of the way. A true gem for the North Charlotte area. I recommend CFH for everyone, from beginners to advanced athletes.


Its great place and great coaching.


Did a drop in class while visiting family and it was awesome. Super nice coach and members. Had a great workout before heading back to VA


This Box is amazing...from the Coaches to the Athletes and Facility, what a great place to help you get great results with whatever goals you have. All the Coaches resemble the Owners passion and heart for the Athletes. They treat you like family.


Super cool, their classes really push you. ★★★★★


Love to workout here !!


Super cool, their classes really push you.


What can I say?! It's a great box!


This community has a great vibe. The Instruction from the owner and coaches is exceptional. They genuinely care about my progress. I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to join this Box.


Everyone is ready to help, they are inviting and you feel motivated to continue.


Best crossfit box and best community I’ve been to. Great coaches and family friendly environment.


Great coaches, great people!


Only been there for about a month and have felt a part of the CFH family since day 1! Amazing coaches that care about you and your fitness and pay attention!


Love this box!!! Everyone is supportive and laid back. Came to this gym after dealing with a few set backs and the environment has really allowed me to work on my fitness goals. If you are looking to try crossfit for the first time or looking for a box in the area this is the place to be!


I would never be where I'm at without this gym and the people that lift you up, push you harder than you would push yourself, and give you advice here every single day without any questions asked! I would be a completely different person without this gym!


AMAZING coaches. AMAZING people. After playing soccer my entire life, I struggled to find my new niche when going off to college. After one class, I knew I found my home. I have met so many incredible people who I will be friends with for the rest of my life. I have seen myself change and grow as an athlete in ways I never imagined. I am not only stronger physically, but mentally as well. This place changed my life, and I found a new family!!!

  Hands down the best box filled with the most encouraging and motivating coaches who drive you to be better each day. The moments you want to quit the most is when they encourage you and push you beyond your limits! They are patient, kind, caring, and want to see you give it your all. Every coach will go out of their way to help you even when they aren't coaching. Love love LOVE this place!!! 2 in a half years into this I never want to leave Harrisburg... the coaches and people make this place so special. I am thankful to be apart of CFH!


After trying a couple of gyms in the area, my husband and I chose CFH without any hesitation! The facility is great. Although classes can be big, there is plenty of space, and I haven't felt lost in the crowd or un-coached during class. Time is spent efficiently to get warmed up, lift, and wod all within an hour. I also LOVE that my baby boy is welcomed and loved on!


Love, love, love how patient and encouraging the entire staff have been with my kids! They have gone above and beyond to make sure each kid is comfortable and confident with what they are doing. AND the members there recognize the new faces and have given them the boost they need to keep going! Can't say enough great things about this facility and the people inside!!!


Super friendly coaches and an inviting environment. They are happy to talk with you one on one if you need help or to cater a workout to your fitness level. I would recommend this gym to anyone!


Great members, great coaches who will make it easy for you to learn especially if CrossFit is new to you. Changed my whole view of what a good workout truly is. If you give Crossfit Harrisburg a try you will not regret it! Get in better shape in a shorter amount of time if you put in the work!


If you need some motivation and really want a good workout that's going to work the whole body with cardio incorporated come to CrossFit Harrisburg. The trainers are super cool and knowledgeable and patient in how they train you.


I hadn't been to the gym in a while when I started going here 2+ years ago. I was nervous about getting back in shape/building muscle and had watched videos about CrossFit and decided to give it a try. I really lucked out choosing CrossFit Harrisburg (CFH) because this place is AWESOME! So many activities to do, not to mention open gym time slots if you have your own idea of a workout.   The coaches are supportive and encouraging and give you great tips and pointers if you have something specific you wanna work on or if you just don't know how to use a rower machine! On top of all this they have great extras like Endurance class to work more on cardio/run/row/bike stuff, weight focused workshops, and they have a relaxing gym meet ups or fun events you can bring a friend or family too, pretty regularly!   Anywho, if you are considering, this place is great and you should definitely try it out if you are looking for a new place or just dropping by for a quick workout.  All of the coaches are easy to talk to if you have questions during class, which I always have questions, and they always respond with patience and great instruction.


Having been a member for 3 years I LOVE Crossfit Harrisburg! From Endurance classes to regular Crossfit WODs to Yoga, this box offers so many options! The coaches truly care about helping you improve and push yourself. The members are friendly and encouraging. I love my Crossfit Harrisburg Family!


I decided to try Crossfit 3 years ago. I was very nervous but one step inside Crossfit Harrisburg and all that went away. I did not know anyone there at the time but everyone said Hi and made me feel welcomed. I cannot sing the praises of this box, the owner, the sense of family and the community enough. It truly is a family and everyone helps, pushes and encourages everyone. I love my Crossfit Harrisburg family. it definitely changed my life and could yours. Just give them a try. The BEST Crossfit Box in Charlotte, Concord and surrounding areas. If great coaching and a sense of community and family is what you are looking for then this is the Box for you.


Great atmosphere great music great people great experience. They have military discounts so they support the troops. The gym equipment is impeccable there's anything that you need. And the staff are super friendly. I would suggest this gym over some that I've been to before. The drive was well worth it thanks for everything thank you


I ❤️CFH!!! After visiting multiple boxes and gyms in the Carolinas I can say without a doubt CrossFit Harrisburg is the best. I've attended there through several moves, life changes/challenges , and 4ish years. The coaches, programming, members and owners are all phenomenal. Everyone is there to help and happy to assist you at whatever level you are on and push you to be your best. They would be hard pressed to get rid of this girl!


I love CFH! I've been a member for four years now. Every WOD is a challenge that I gladly accept. The coaches and members are like family. It's an awesome atmosphere.


This is my home away from home and my happy place. All of the coaches are knowledgeable and friendly- not to mention encouraging. Have been a dedicated member for 4+ years and owe all of my progress and gains to CFH. I've never considered another gym.


Crossfit Harrisburg has so much to offer. The facility is huge, experienced and motivating coaches, flexible class schedule, supportive community, great programming... and so much more. I've been a member for a few months now and it already feels like home. I'm excited to see what my future holds at Harrisburg!


Jan 2016: 315 pounds, Size 26/28 Jan 2017: 179 pounds, Size 14

Jan 2016: 315 pounds, Size 26/28     Jan 2017: 179 pounds, Size 14

At age 7, I was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease. My weakened immune system has made me vulnerable to a number of different health challenges over the years, including kidney failure, and 3 rounds of cancer. 14 years ago, I lost my eyesight, and have been completely blind since that time. In spite of these challenges, I had never been a heavy person. But in 1993, I started gaining weight. I had gotten married and moved away from my friends and family – everything I’ve ever known. I sat around my house, depressed and eating potato chips. Over the years, I continued to struggle with my health issues, which were further aggravated by the weight gain. Finally I hit an all-time high at 315 pounds. After much prayer and consulting with my doctor, I made the difficult decision to have gastric-bypass surgery. Now, this is the point where most people roll their eyes and become dismissive. I get why people have that reaction, but here is what I need everyone to understand:

Gastric bypass jump-started my weight loss, but CrossFit saved my life.

My friend Melissa had already invited me like 10 times and each time, I’d said, “Hell no.”

I was terrified. At the time, I could not even walk up my stairs. I had heard horror stories about how hard CrossFit was. Then there was the fear of being judged and all the reasons people with self-confidence issues don’t like to go to the gym.

In April of 2016, I finally decided to do the free class. I loved it and hated it at the same time. I decided to go through Foundations. I did and still have to do a lot of modifications, but the coaches found really creative ways to do that for me. I was physically weak, and had not moved in almost 20 years. I have to say, I have never worked so hard in my life.

All of the coaches at CrossFit Harrisburg push you to do and be your very best. It’s like they see something in you that you’ve never seen in yourself. Because my visual impairment, the coaches go the extra mile to ensure I have someone working with me to modify the exercises and stay safe. I couldn’t do anything when I first started. but know I have never felt so great in my life. I am healthier and stronger physically, mentally and emotionally than I’ve been in a long time. Having a great coach makes all the difference in the world. Now I go 3 days a week.

CrossFit has been a safe place for me to work through my stress and overcome my anxiety and insecurities about my body image. Oh, and did I mention I’m running now? I’m running for the first time in my life. Literally running for my life. I cannot say enough about how much CFH has changed my life.


Great facility!! If you're in the area you need to check it out!!


Loving crossfit! Great facility and awesome coaches! If your thinking about joining- do!


I only started Crossfit a little over a month ago, but the coaches and all the other crossfitters here are awesome and supportive! Was looking at some progress pics I have been taking and the difference is already noticeable!!! Thanks guys!


I drive 30 mins and pass 10 other boxes because coaches/ people are kind, friendly and extremely supportive! Worth every minute of anxiety as I wonder what I will be doing that day!


I heard about the Crossfit addiction.... And after a day, I was hooked. It certainly challenges you mentally and physically. The other day I just didn't feel like I had it in me... Everything hurt, I felt weak... And I doubted myself. I even told Bruce I couldn't do it. He gave me that look... The look of "keep going... You got this". I contemplated giving up.... But I didn't. I looked around at the other people busting their butts and powered through. At the end I had tears in my eyes because I DIDN'T GIVE UP! I made it. I was stronger than I believed I was. No matter what stress you have in your life, or how sad or angry you are walking into the box.... Your Crossfit community and WOD will always lift you up and empower you. Everyone should experience this. 5 months into Crossfit, I have more confidence and I believe in myself again. Thank you Crossfit Harrisburg family!


Great space and people. Definitely recommend CrossFit Harrisburg!


I absolutely love this place! I've never been into working out, and crossfit was the first thing I've really ever done. The moment I stepped into the box and met all of the amazing people there I knew I was hooked!! Best decision I've made towards getting healthier!


One year ago, I was 75 lbs heavier and couldn't run 200 feet. I just finished running for 20 minutes at 3.8 MPH, that's 1.25 miles, without stopping, and I could talk at the end. Crossfit has been life changing! Thank you to my family at Crossfit Harrisburg.


Thanks to CrossFit Harrisburg I just finished my 2nd 5k this year in 27:05. From couch to 5K and feeling great. Excellent coaches and workout partners!


It's friendly and filled with great energy! Absolutely amazing staff.


Great Box, great people, great owner. Stop in and check it out, we dropped in and loved it. We'll be back.


8bb909842a2b51c404440e5163d3b66c_f162   Jared Turner 
Age:  32
Max Back Squat:  315
Max Clean:  205
Max Snatch:  135
Max Deadlift:  405
Grace:  6:02
Cindy:  14+5
Favorite WOD:  Murph

I work at Norfolk Southern Railroad where I rebuild machinery that maintains the rail structure. I am a certified welder, fabricator and hydraulics specialist.  I have been a CFH Member since March 2013.  I started CF because I had plateaued and was bored with the typical gym scene. When I started CF I was 245lbs and am now 183lbs. I was intimidated at first with the thought of CF. I wasn't sure that I could keep up with everyone else.  I have seen much improvement with my weightlifting abilities and cardio. Many thanks to the wonderful coaches and members that have pushed me along the way.

I absolutely love CF! It is all I think about.  I want to know where the nearest box is while on vacation and will even leave work early to make sure I can get a workout in!  I have recently been attending Weightlifting class, which has drastically improved my snatch and clean and jerk lifts.

These were my biggest obstacles. My proudest moment would have to be winning the Sexiest Summer Weight Loss Challenge.  It gave me the extra incentive to lose the pounds that seemed to be hanging around. I learned how to eat better and cleaner.  I realized I had been eating all wrong, when I thought I was eating correctly. I wanted to win this challenge, so changing those wasn't as bad as I thought they would be. I love the fact that CFH is like a big family.   Everyone pushes each other to get better.

My advice for new members would be to come in with an open mind, do what you can do and scale it if you need to. I love to Bench and Front Squat. My future fitness goals are to be able to do a muscle up and double unders ( I hate to jump rope!)


3f0edea0620785aa1641b1b3214df16d_f84   Last year I weighed 225LBS and started doing Crossfit with a goal of just getting into shape and losing some weight. I did my first WOD and felt as if I would die, but I was hooked from that point on. I spent the next seven months doing the workouts at Crossfit Harrisburg, random hotel gyms, and my garage. Today I weigh 188LBS (that’s 3LBS from my high school weight of 185LBS!).

I heard about the Crossfit Open and I wanted to see where I ranked in the world, so I decided to try and compete. In order to complete all five workouts- while traveling over 4,843 miles during the course of five weeks, and finding local boxes with judges to score me in four different states; out of 84,635 men, I placed 24,987 in the world. I’m proud of what I was able to accomplish for my first time. Now I can’t wait to train for next year’s Crossfit Open.

A special thanks to my loving wife Terri Nolasco, and the JHE Sprint Crew for helping me make this happen.


bce76bc6abf89c37a3f49903d1c18c4b_f97Crossfit has changed my life! After having 3 kids I had gained some weight, but mostly I felt like jello. I started lifting weights and I loved it! I got strong but my body wasn't really changing. I wasn't getting skinny! I quit. In February 2013 a friend took me to zumba I only went once. (nothing wrong with zumba it just wasn't for me) Then her husband told me about crossfit. I had never heard of it. So I went with him to a class. We did the warm up it kicked my butt! Then we worked on a skill: clean and jerk, next was the wod then we stretched. I loved it! I was tired my whole body was sore! I told myself no pain no gain! I went to several classes and decided I wanted to join. That is when I found CFH. I went to a class and found out about the foundation classes. I signed up in March 2013 for the 3 classes. I remember running 200m and felt like I was dying! This is when I realized I needed cardio along with the weight training. I signed up for 2 days a week in April 2013. I started to see changes but I needed more. In July I signed up for 3 days a week. I started seeing a lot more changes in my body and in my work outs. I haven’t followed a diet plan I drink a lot of water and try to make healthy choices. I started watching ones that i wanted to look like. My perception of beauty has definitely changed. I started to push myself and after working out I can say I was proud of what my body can do. Now I am signed up for unlimited. I am so thankful for the coaches and other crossfitters who push me to reach goals I never thought I could! I have a lot more goals to reach but I can say thanks to CFH I will meet my goals. Ok so here are some numbers: Start of crossfit 180lbs clothes size 12/14 5ft 8in. After 6mos 160lbs clothes size 10. After 8mos 165lbs(building more muscle!) clothes 7/8!! Crossfit has made me feel and look fit and firm!