Angela is our LONGEST standing member, and has been with us since we opened in January, 2012.  Who better than to start our new Member Spotlight feature with than with an OG who has been around since we broke ground?  We are so excited to add this feature to our website, and to give our members a little shoutout and to get to know them better.  Meet Angela Ortiz, CrossFit Harrisburg member since January, 2012.
Name: Angela Ortiz
Born (where): Glendale, CA
Job: Law Enforcement


What are your hobbies and interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?: Kayaking and Mt. Biking are my hobbies. I also like to make fun family movies with my GoPro.


Favorite WOD/type of Movements: Favorite Wod: Cindy Movements: Power Cleans, Deadlifts and Back Squats


Least Favorite WOD/type of Movements: Double Unders and Thrusters. I should say Wallballs, since I have had a ball hit my face during workout.


How/why did you start CrossFit?:  I started CrossFit at the beginning of 2012. My mom had started working out with a trainer and she encouraged me to look for a gym. I came across CrossFit and I’m glad I did. I knew I needed to make some improvements in my fitness level because of my profession.


Take us back to your first day at CrossFit:… Lol.. Its was a 5:30am class and it was cold. I think the strength was push press. The WOD had something to do with walking lunges and a bar. (I used a PVC pipe). I just remember being super nervous, but eager to finish the workout. Let’s just say the next day I couldn’t walk, but I couldn’t get enough.


What kind of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CrossFit?:   I believe that I’ve improved in all three aspects. Physically, I’m stronger. I have gone up and down with my strength and fitness level, but I have developed a body awareness and a better understanding of how I feel or how I want to feel. When I think about health, I don’t only think about eating healthy (work in progress), but I think about my mental health. CrossFit reminds me that I am strong, that I’m capable of anything, to be positive, and to do it for myself.


Please share your favorite CrossFit Harrisburg moment(s): My favorite CrossFit Harrisburg moment would be a recent one. My partner and I got married Oct. 22 and to see that posted on Facebook just showed what an amazing community I am apart of. My 1st pull ups during a WOD would be my favorite workout moment.


Any advice for those just getting started?:   You will be sore a couple days after your first WOD, but the soreness will go away. Ok, just kidding it won’t, but it’s worth it. The relationships you build at the box and improvements to your health, fitness and strength will last a lot longer. So don’t give up and focus on your own goals. It might take you a few months to string together some pull ups, but remember why you started CrossFit. Listen to your body, it’s ok not to always RX a WOD, but always finish strong.