Born in Youngstown Ohio, I've been active most of my life. I have received letters from Girard High School and YSU.

After earning my B.S. degree in Computer Technology, I married the love of my life Teresa and she gave me two wonderful children Anthony and Camryn. During that time I had a short laps in my active lifestyle and arrived at an unhealthy state. After some self realization, I decided to start running to get back in shape. In 2000, I completed the Columbus Marathon in 3:53:48, some 20 lbs. lighter than my heaviest weight. Since then I have maintained an active lifestyle, but things did not take a turn for the best until the 2011 Metro Dash. I knew this was going to be a different kind of competition, so I started following the suggested workout routine based on CrossFit. I ended up winning my age division that year and that's when CrossFit started to be part of my life.

I started doing CrossFit the summer of 2011 on my own. I did workouts from main site with the limited equipment at my current gym. In the fall of 2012, I was introduced to CrossFit Harrisburg by Rick Guilbe and have never looked back. CrossFit Harrisburg has given me so much. My wife Teresa and I are now spending time doing something we both are addicted to (me more than her.) My goal as a CF-L1 Trainer is to be the best coach I can be. I really care about instructing our members properly and I want CrossFit Harrisburg to be known as one of the best boxes in Charlotte

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