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Born and bred native New Yorker, I'm known as the loud coach at CFH, but I blame it on my roots! I started CrossFit in March 2012 and it has changed my life. I walked into a local box before I moved to Charlotte, looking for a workout and was immediately hooked. CrossFit helps me channel stress, challenge myself, and compete. At the time in my life when I began, it was exactly what I needed, and continues to be so much more than just a workout.

At CrossFit Harrisburg, you will see me coaching CrossFit classes, working with members answering membership questions, showing new people around the gym or meeting clients and helping them with their nutrition. If you have nutrition questions, I am the one to help you out at CFH, and we have packages available for everyone!

Before working at CrossFit Harrisburg full-time, I was a Physical Education teacher and High School coach for over 10 years. I have experience coaching basketball, softball and volleyball at the Varsity level. I have also been involved in group fitness and personal training for over 10 years.

I live in the Harrisburg community with my husband and my two sons, who you will often see at the box. CrossFit Harrisburg is my home away from home and I'm lucky to have it as part of my every day. The community has become my Charlotte family.

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