Felix Feliz

Danielle Huston

CrossFit L1 Coach

I began Crossfit in October of 2014. I was looking for a way to get back in shape after college life, a hectic schedule, and a bum knee with 3 screws left me weighing just shy of 250 pounds.

I tried Crossfit at the recommendation of a friend who explained that every single movement could be modified to my ability. No matter my level of fitness, Crossfit could work for me. Obviously, I was skeptical. But, when a cute guy encourages you to try something, you give it a shot. I took a few introductory classes and joined a gym in Murfreesboro TN. I was immediately amazed at the community that took me in and encouraged me every day.

Now, going on 4 years later, I am a Paramedic Firefighter and fitness is a part of my everyday life. Crossfit helps me stay prepared for the unexpected. As a person who started from my own personal bottom, I understand how intimidating it can be. New gym, new people, workouts that make absolutely no sense: It is a lot to absorb. I became a coach for that very reason. I want to be the hand that reaches out and helps guide everyone to their fitness goals.

If you see me at the gym, be sure to come over and say hi!

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