We’re excited to have completed some upgrades to our outdoor workout space this weekend.  We have added 2 – 20′ x 20′ sun shades and we now have our 20′ x 7′ Rogue rig outside for lifting and pull-ups.  We have added rolled rubber mats to the main workout area and have extended the rubber mats out an additional 8′.  Currently our classes are capped at 8 members per class but we’re hoping to add a few additional spaces where needed in those classes that fill up quickly.  We hope that adding these upgrades our programming options will open up a bit and you’ll be able to get a more well rounded workout.

A couple of things to remember while joining us for outdoor workouts…

1.  Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival.

2.  Practice social distancing.

3.  Do NOT share equipment.

4.  Wipe down all of your equipment.  Rower, seats, handles, screens. Bands, barbells, pull up bars, rig clips  and all equipment.  Wipe clean your mat area of sweat (and tears)

We appreciate your continued support!  We will continue to make adjustments as we maneuver these uncharted times.

Thank you all!


P.S.  A very special thank you to Paul Nolasco for all of the planning!!  Thanks to everyone who stayed on Saturday to help with the new set up!