Stay Healthy Everyone!! Covid-19 Gym Update

I hope that everyone is healthy and well.

I know that the past month has been a challenge to maneuver both from a personal and professional stand point.  We have all had to change the course of our usual days.  The upcoming days and weeks are uncertain for us all but what we would like you to know is that we are still here and available for our CFH family.  Please (and I mean this) don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know how we can help.  With ANYTHING.

I want to thank you all for your continued support of the gym.  It is hard to ask for you all to continue to support us when I know there are some of you that have had your income cut.  We still have to pay rent on the building, utility bills, Wodify and credit card processing and some other smaller subscriptions. Without your continued support this becomes more difficult as time goes by with the gym being closed.

In regards to eventually re-opening we are putting together some processes and procedures for your safety and the safety of our coaches.  We will detail these items and keep you informed as we get closer to opening again.  Your safety is the most important thing.  We will do everything to prepare prior to letting members back into the gym.  Although, I wish that was sooner rather than later there is no motivation that would outweigh keeping our members safe…and that it just how I feel.

This week we will continue with the Zoom classes daily.  We will begin offering a 12pm Zoom class daily for members as this time has had the best turnout.  Other classes will be posted as well on CFH Athletes page on FB.  Coaches will try to send these out to their text groups as well.  Follow CFH Athletes page on FB for other helpful tips regarding nutrition, lifting, meditation and such.

Thanks for your time.  I hope you all have a great week.  Our future is bright everyone! We will prevail and be better after this. Don’t give up on your health.  It’s important!  And take the time now to spend some precious moments with the people you love.