Meet Buck, our first male Member Spotlight!  Buck has been a member almost since the beginning of CrossFit Harrisburg.  We love having Buck around because of his light-heartedness, his drive during a workout, his friendliness and his dance moves!


Name:  Buck Hamilton


Born (where):Ft Lauderdale, FL


Job:  Business Sales/ Account Management for Spectrum Business


What are your hobbies and interests outside of CrossFit?:  Mountain Biking, Autocross, Motorcycle, Lake, Tailgating, & I end up traveling a good bit.


Favorite WOD/type of Movements:  A long chipper/ Power Cleans


Least Favorite WOD/type of Movements:  Sprints/ Pistols (I protest them)


How/Why did you start CrossFit?  To make me do things I wouldn’t normally do at the gym.


What kind of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CrossFit?  It has definitely been a roller coaster over the five and a half years. Overall a decent fitness balance. A Jack of all trades (Minus Pistols) but master of none. Biggest changes revolve around my diet and how committed i am to it. Usually I swing around 10 lbs throughout the year.   


Have you experienced any changes in your life since beginning CrossFit that have been totally unexpected?  I didn’t expect becoming a part of a unique community and gaining so many great friends throughout the years. I also didn’t expect the amount of time i would spend with the people/friends at crossfit as i do outside the gym, which i truly enjoy.


Please share your favorite CrossFit Harrisburg moment(s):  I enjoy the holiday, anniversary & random parties. There are so many great personalities in one place it is always a blast.


Any advice for those just getting started?  Be patient, check your ego (scale properly), have fun because it isn’t that serious & do not quit. Fortunately it will pay off.


Why CrossFit Harrisburg? It was originally the closest box to me.  Fortunately I discovered quickly a great balance of seriousness & fun.