Meet Jamie Quintana! Jamie is another OG member who has been with us since October, 2012. She also began her CrossFit journey at CrossFit Harrisburg and has never looked back! She is currently pregnant with #2 due in March after safely CrossFitting throughout her first pregnancy. Get to know Jamie a little bit better!

Name: Jamie Quintana

Born (where): Elkin, NC (but basically a Charlotte native)

Job: Stay at Home Mom


What are your hobbies and interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?    I am currently in a phase where the majority of my personal hobbies and interests seem to have taken a back-burner, but I don’t mind! I love the simplicity of watching my little man grow and explore the world! I am a big family person, so the majority of my free time is spending time with family. Other hobbies including fellowshipping with friends, serving with my church community, watching movies, and being outdoors. I consider my hour in the gym my “mommy time”, which keeps me sane. 🙂


Favorite WOD/type of Movements:    To be honest, I love almost all CrossFit movements! Some of my favorites include double unders and Olympic lifting (snatch and clean and jerk). The reason being is that I have worked hard and over a LONG period of time to “master” these movements. While I would not have the confidence to say I have mastered Olympic lifting just yet, double unders are not a problem for me!  My favorite workouts tend to be ones that most people dread. However, just like CrossFit is constantly varied, my MetCon preference is constantly varied. I love short sprint workouts, long chippers, and most anything in between. I tend to excel at WODs with 2-3 movements that include cardio (like running or double unders) and some moderately heavy lifting (mostly cleans or snatches).


Least Favorite WOD/type of Movements:   Right now I am not a fan of strict body weight movements (handstand push-ups, dips, pull-ups) and core accessory work. One reason is that I am gaining weight due to nearing the third trimester of a pregnancy, which makes these movements very challenging. The bigger reason is that I haven’t taken extra time to work on these skills (which I plan to do post-pregnancy). Once I do so, I feel like I will at least be able to tolerate them.


How/Why did you start CrossFit?   A group of my friends had heard about CrossFit and were going to try it out, but I’m one of the only ones still left.


Take us back to your first day in CrossFit….   It was in the old building, and I came in the evening with my buddies. Susan was the coach! I know there was some sort of strength but have no idea what it was. The MetCon was an AMRAP of max pushups, and when you were unable to do any more pushups you had to run 200 meters, repeating until the time ran out. Coming from a running background (competed in high school and a little at the collegiate level), I was excited to hear running was involved! I chuckle now knowing that I had to do pushups from a box because of my lack of upper body strength. I can’t recall, but I’m sure I was sore for a week after that! Instantly I was hooked and ready for more!

What kind of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting CrossFit?   Since I started CrossFit in October 2012, I have had one baby and am currently pregnant with another. It’s safe to say I’ve seen some drastic changes to my body! But on a more serious note, the biggest change I have seen is my mental health and attitude towards my body. I used to struggle with body issues and an eating disorder in college. I used to be a part of the fashion industry prior to being a mother, which also had its pressures of physical appearance. After doing CrossFit for a few months, I noticed that I gained a lot of confidence in my physique, knowing it wasn’t “perfection”. I took pride in knowing what my body was capable of doing versus how it looked, but the physical results of a more toned body didn’t hurt!

Have you experienced any changes in your life since beginning CrossFit that have been totally unexpected?   I didn’t think I would come to love lifting weights so much. It was something I wasn’t exposed to as a runner, so I always felt intimidated in your typical gym environment. There is also the opportunity to compete in CrossFit. I never would have expected I would choose CrossFit competitions over road races (5k, half marathon), but I think the training is way more fun!


Why Crossfit Harrisburg?   I’ve been a member at CFH since I started, so I definitely consider it my home gym! I’ve witnessed CFH move locations and expand in members and equipment. Of course, the best reason is the people! I’ve gained lots of friendships, workout buddies, and experienced a lot of great memories in this place!

Please share your favorite CrossFit Harrisburg moment(s):   My favorite moments at CFH have to do with witnessing other members achieve goals they have put in countless hours to accomplish. Just like the elite athletes share on social media, it’s hard to know how much effort goes on behind the scenes when people work towards a specific goal. I love celebrating with others when they achieve these victories!


Any advice for those just getting started?    When I mention CrossFit to various people, I tend to get the “out of shape” excuse. My favorite way to explain what we do is that it truly is for every person at any stage of life! No matter our workouts, it is scalable to your abilities! As you’re waiting for your class to get started, take note of the various people in the room. You’ll note college kids lifting next to adults at least twice their age, teenagers, pregnant (heeeey!) and new moms. Note that some people are shredding through a workout while others are simply moving and trying to stay in shape. We are all here to work out, but just have different goals in mind. Also, DON’T feel intimidated (I know, easier said than done!), but we’ve all been new to it. We’ve all had to learn the lingo, learn the movements, understand our bodies, and ask questions to various members. We may have an intimidating face mid-workout, but we love helping new members find their way! Also, give movements more than one try before hating it. Had snatches been on the menu my first day, I probably would have cried and never come back. A lot of these movements take time to learn, so don’t give up before you’ve really tried! I look forward to seeing you around the box!