Cindy Trevisan
Jacqulyn Dickinson

I remember the first time I walked into CrossFit Harrisburg – February 12th, 2013. It was around 11am and apparently it was “coach’s workout time”. Talk about intimidation! All the coaches had 12 packs (exaggerating some, you’re welcome) and they were doing crazy things I never thought I would be able to do! Little did I know I would fall in love with the sport & one of the coaches! I look back on my first day and smile because all of those guys in there that day are now my friends and I have become a small part of a huge community and family that is far from intimidating. They encourage me daily and push me to be a better athlete and overall person.

After about 3 years of being a member here at CFH, I decided to take the Level 1 course and I now work here full-time as a coach and as Frankie likes to put it “his assistant”. I run the childcare program, endurance training classes & handle most admin work. CrossFit has changed my life in many ways and I could not imagine myself without it!

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