Nick Maiorana
Kate Robertson

My fitness history is not unlike many others. I played football and swam throughout my childhood and into high school. I went to college (Go Heels!) and began neglecting my health. After graduating, I wanted to feel and look better, so I joined a gym to lift weights 4-5 times a week. Then marriage and kids entered the equation and my health declined AGAIN, this time gaining 30 lbs. in the process! I eventually got back into the gym, and lost most of those extra pounds, but something wasn't right. I found myself just going through the motions. Fitness became a chore - to be quickly squeezed in between work and dinner. I needed something different. Something challenging, but fun. Punishing, yet rewarding.

Enter CrossFit Harrisburg.

I vividly remember my first wod. At its completion, I was on my knees, barely able to breathe. It was at that moment that I realized my idea of true "fitness" was wildly off. I was humbled after that first day, but excited as well. CrossFit had all the tools and all the structure I needed to make a significant change. My improvement didn't follow a straight line, but the progress quickly became noticeable. My mental toughness, as well as my body, benefitted. And as I saw those gains in myself, I knew I wanted to help others achieve their goals, and therefore, decided to become a trainer. I love to witness members doing things they once thought were impossible for them. I look at each day as a new opportunity to learn and look forward to continuing that education here at CrossFit Harrisburg.

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